Friday, March 9, 2012

Pattern Illusions

i have always been intruigued by shapes and how their perspectives can be manipulated with the right posiitoning. i like how some pattersn seem to rotate, warp and change perspective when stared at.

i guess there is a mathmatical way to draw patterns like these but i do not know it and just had fun trying to make some myself. i tried a variety of shapes and techniques to create my own patterns.

the maths squares designs are fun and easy, by just contrasting the squares, however colouring in every line is labourious and it shard to make a full pattern. here are a couple of my tries:

one evenign i was drawing a birds featehrs and thought that the way they are layered could be maniuplated into a pattern. my first i dea was to create a spherical hape out of the scales. when i drew it

from trying to draw my patterns i have realised that due to the regimental nature of the patterns that maybe computer design would be more effective in producing them and use sketching for intial ideas. The computer will give accurate and easy manipulatable shapes and lines.

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