Friday, March 9, 2012

darwin illusion

i came about this idea on the internet where there was a negative image of a girl who you could not recognise but once you had looked at the image for 30 seconds or so then looked at a white wall you could see the image perfectictly. i went about researching the concept and found a psychologist who had made one of charles darwin and explained his process. i liked how his image was completely different to drawins face and was very illustrative and cartoon like. its initial appeal was in the unique drawing but one stared at it became darwin.

like the other images i wanted to myself create a negative image of someones face and illustrate it. for my first try i used Ray Mears' face. i wanted a face that was recongisable and a subject matter i would enjoy. i used the same method shown above. using a light box to give me the intial outline and having fun with the design. here is my first attempt. ............i like the image inside the face but i am unsure wheather there is too much detail which stop the negatory transition once looked at for 30 seconds.

bear grylls
david attenborough
self portrait


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