Thursday, March 29, 2012



during my last chat with joel and lisa i was told that my current project was far to broad and that my illusionary paintings lacked the style and charm seen in my personal watercolours of landscapes. As i recently looked into landscape art for my essay i was already interested in landscapes and enjoyed the fact i could sketch and paint them easily and quickly. this has allowed me to not become restrained by just one idea as i have many sketches on the go. This is a chance to explore and appreciate the british landscape by sketching and painting what i see; letting me show others the beauty of landscape and aso getting to spend time outside myself

i have been a found user of watercolours in the past whether it be in cartoons, landscapes or portraits. here are a couple of examples of previous watercolours i have produced:

marlow river
danis dog
reindeer man

most of my watercolour techniques and skills have been develoed over time through self learning, however recently i came across the painting programme on propeller tv on sky. the porgram followers various artists as the create watercolours and share tips. through the program i learnt of masking fluid. Masking fluid is a great tool for protecting certain areas of my paintings as i work on other parts. it helps create fluidity among colours and allows me more freedom and movement.

(recent masking fluid paintings)


I was randomly playing with the i phone app 'Instogram' and found some really cool effects that dramatically changed the way my paintings are viewed. By blurring certain areas i could create a real life perspective and almost 3D style drawings.

(instagram pics)

i hope to use both digital and actual paintings in my final exibition.

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