Friday, March 9, 2012

owl : landscape

this painting is my first illusionary concept, i wanted to create a painting that was interactive with the audience, they have the ability to change the location, environment and context in a easy rotation of the painting. where artists like Rene magritte use perspective to create illusions that can be weird from just one angle i wanted to diversify the viewing dimensions as seen in ..................... painting; where the skull can only be seen from a certain perspective. i wanted to have multiple contexts via multiple angles.

My prepatory work for the painting involved going to the coast line around bournemouth and sketching the surrounding area. I feel my painting has benefited from my excursions as i have gained first hand experience of what these places feel and look like. by sketching the ocean and cliffs i gained an understanding of the sharp edges and windswept trees. sketching the sea first hand also helped be release the rigidness of my water drawings beforehand. i saw how the waves moved, crashed and dissapaited and figured out how i could portray their movements through drawing and paint

This idea began as a quick sketch in my book, i then made a smaller mock up version using colours i thought would work well and checking out the composition. When creating the larger piece i decided to change the bacground stalemites from human figures into 2 light houses. i felt they related better to the cliffs and water edges they would be close to and it allowed the foregorund stalecmites to stand out more.

In this painting i hope to protray a variety of potential contexts, locations and figures. You can see the painting through the eyes of someone in a cave (indicated via the stalemites and dark foreground) , enclosing the viewer wihtin the image. The suggested human shape of the stallecmites also helps the viewer relate to the image and feel as through they are looking at someone looking at the scene. (angle A) i have used a more yellowish tone to the foreground as if to indicate sand, linking it with the waves. cliffs enclose the water and a lighthouse standsa alone next to a moon.
(angle B) a slightly closer view of a log in the forground (including more tree browns) in the mid ground lies either a dark lagoon or grass land enclosed by large shrubs.
(angle C) the vertical angle shows a compleltely different concept. An owl stares wide eyed at the viwer clinging on to what once was a stallecmite but has now adopted the representation of a tree branch. the large moon is its belly and the space ship suggesting its beak. the sea, lagoon and mountains now become abstracted trees. the waves now becoming the knots in the tree

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